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### **Launch Data**
+All raw and processed data is here:
- [[2009-05-31_data_from_arts.csv]]
- [[2009-05-31_data_from_telemetrum.gnumeric]]
- Olimex data: lost due to lack of launch detect
**TODO**: Post graphs and final altitude and velocity numbers.
+## Data Analysis
+### High Speed Video
+Using the calibration board behind the launching rocket and the high speed camera we are able to extract high quality data from the first few moments of flight.
+Using the open source video analysis tool [Tracker]( we are able to estimate the altitude, velocity, and acceleration of the rocket over the first 0.3 seconds of flight.
+Using Tracker:
+[[!img tracker-screenshot1.png size="600x338"]]
+The large black and white blocks of the calibration board are 30 cm in height. A calibration stick is used to set the size of pixels in the video. Then the position of the rocket is tracked with the subpixel tracking feature in Tracker. The axis is set such that the motion of the rocket is assumed to be entirely vertical.
+#### Altitude
+[[!img altitude.png]]
+Data from the fight speed video shows a smooth take off.
+#### Velocity
+[[!img velocity.png]]
+Some noise seeps into the data now, but smooth acceleration is shown here.
+#### Acceleration
+[[!img accel_smooth.png]]
+The rocket comes up to about 10 g's almost immediately. Because of the double differentiation and the quantization noise in the image, the acceleration graph is very noisy, this one has been smoothed heavily.
## Notes on the launch