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### Major failures
- The DVR did not record anything on 7/31. The last recording on the SD card was from 2011/07/27 12:32:12 AM PDT, which was when we packed it up for flight in the PSBA. When the payload module was opened for the first time after flight on 2011/08/01 17:20 PM PDT, the slide switch was found to be on (including both blue and red sections of the switch) and the battery was completely discharged. We assume it was never turned off by the recovery team. More disturbingly, the 8 GB SD card had ejected from the slot and was hanging out of the card slot. We assume the card was ejected on CATO or on impact why there was absolutely no video at all is a mystery: the DVR should have recorded until the battery died or the card was ejected. Why there's *no* files at all from the launch day is strange. The record switch was in the "record" position, the battery was charged the night before, and the camera jack looked plugged in. It's as if it just never ran.
+- Did not tape SD card into slot
### Minor failures
- The rocket was out of frame in the high speed camera. We could not see the liftoff or any detail of the motor failure.
- The blue tape with the rotary switch markings was left on the rocket for flight.
+- The ATV was initially transmitting near enough the same frequency as the LTC WiFi connection and knocked the tower communication out until we switched channels on the LC AP.
+### Important Airframe Damage
+ - Main Parachute bag is shredded
+ - Spin Can got dirt in bearings
+ - Upper aeroshell is damaged?
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