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+# CAN Node Virtual Section: Processor
+We're using the [[PIC18F458]], at 40MHz (if we get the production Silion), at 5V, in a TQFP package. It's a pain to solder, but it's great - everything we want in a TQFP (except for a flat data space. Sigh.).
+Data Sheet for the [PIC18F458](
+Ridiculus first draft of what we've come up with for the processor section:
+<center><img alt="MeetingNotes03Mar02?rev=1.1&amp;filename=PIC_section_schematic.jpg" src=";filename=PIC_section_schematic.jpg"></center>
+First draft of the Power Supply:
+<center><img alt="CanNodeSectionProcessor?rev=1.1&amp;filename=CAN_Node_PS_03-03-2002.png" src=";filename=CAN_Node_PS_03-03-2002.png"></center>