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#### <a name="Books"></a> Books
-- Jay Farrell, Matthew Barth. The global positioning system and inertial navigation. New York : McGraw-Hill, c1999. ISBN 007022045X. Some errata is [here]( Local errata [[here|Attachment:GPS-INS-errata/Txt]].
+- Jay Farrell, Matthew Barth. The global positioning system and inertial navigation. New York : McGraw-Hill, c1999. ISBN 007022045X. Some errata is [here]( Local errata [[here|GPS-INS-errata.txt]].
- Simon Haykin, Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks. Wiley, October 2001. ISBN: 0-471-36998-5
- Robert Grover Brown and Patrick Y.C. Hwang, Introduction to random signals and applied kalman filtering. John Wiley &amp; Sons, Inc c1992 2nd ed ISBN: 0-471-52573-1
- R.L. Eubank, A Kalman Filter Primer. Chapman &amp; Hall/CRC, c2006 IBSN: 0-8247-2365-1
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@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ Data Sheet for the [PIC18F458](
Ridiculus first draft of what we've come up with for the processor section:
-<center> attachment:news/2002-03-03/PIC_section_schematic.jpg </center>
+<center> [[news/2002-03-03/PIC_section_schematic.jpg]] </center>
First draft of the Power Supply:
-<center> attachment:CAN_Node_PS_03-03-2002.png </center>
+<center> [[CAN_Node_PS_03-03-2002.png]] </center>
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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Since each of the boards has the same microcontroller, we've decided to break th
-attachment:LV2-frontend.png attachment:LV2-frontend.pdf
+[[LV2-frontend.png]] [[LV2-frontend.pdf]]
**Can Node "Application" Sections:**
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@@ -110,11 +110,11 @@ Our current list of inertial sensors, with our own incomprehensable comments:
## <a name="Design files:"></a> Design files:
- [Latest Eagle files from PSAS CVS repository](
-- [[attachment:Back_Oblique_IMU.2.jpg|Attachment:Back_Oblique_IMU/2/Jpg]]
-- [[attachment:imu_analog_mechanical_1_4.pdf|Attachment:imu_analog_mechanical_1_4/Pdf]]
-- [[attachment:imu_analog_schematic-1.5.pdf|Attachment:imu_analog_schematic-1/5/Pdf]]
-- [[attachment:IMU_UC_v4.brd|Attachment:IMU_UC_v4/Brd]]
-- [[attachment:IMU_UC_v4.sch|Attachment:IMU_UC_v4/Sch]]
-- [[attachment:LV1b_IMU-0.03.pdf|Attachment:LV1b_IMU-0/03/Pdf]]
-- [[attachment:Oblique_Green_Front_IMU.jpg|Attachment:Oblique_Green_Front_IMU/Jpg]]
-- [[Pressure Sensor Calibration Data|Attachment:IMU_PressureCalibration-2004/12/27]]
+- [[Back_Oblique_IMU.2.jpg]]
+- [[imu_analog_mechanical_1_4.pdf]]
+- [[imu_analog_schematic-1.5.pdf]]
+- [[IMU_UC_v4.brd]]
+- [[IMU_UC_v4.sch]]
+- [[LV1b_IMU-0.03.pdf]]
+- [[Oblique_Green_Front_IMU.jpg]]
+- [[Pressure Sensor Calibration Data|IMU_PressureCalibration-2004.12.27]]
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- OpenOCD Quick Reference Command Card: <>
- Free e-book book, "Insiders Guide to the Philips Arm 7", I haven't read it but it was reccomended: <>
- Olimex ARM-USB-OCD Programmer <>
-- 2148 FreeRTOS Port [[|/OlimexLPC2148Setup/]]
+- 2148 FreeRTOS Port [[]]
- GNU-ARM Utilities (including Linux): <>
- Download openocd for windows here: <>
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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ The As-Built specs for v1.2 are:
Referring to the block diagram, the circuit is divided into sections, namely the CORE, HAP, DTMF and PYRO sections. The CORE section contains the CAN bus interface which includes the main 14V DC power bus as well as the two wire CAN communications interface. The CORE section has a [[PIC18F458]] microprocessor and a 1.54MHz switching power supply [SPS] to convert the main bus power down to 5 Volts. The intention is to re-use the CORE section for all new LV2 CAN nodes.
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@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ Most of the important resources reside on the various project and team pages. He
- [[Project conventions for coordinate systems|CoordinateSystem]]
- [[Project conventions for mathematical symbols|MathSymbols]]
- Presentations (in [[OpenDoc]] .odp format):
- - Andrew's standard talk [[slides|Attachment:psas-talk/Odp]]
- - My Wuerzburg talk [[slides|Attachment:wuerzburg-2005-crs/Odp]]
+ - Andrew's standard talk [[slides|psas-talk.odp]]
+ - My Wuerzburg talk [[slides|wuerzburg-2005-crs.odp]]
It's always helpful to have people around with amateur radio licenses, especially when we're in the middle of a desert somewhere. Here are some useful links if you're interested in getting your license:
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Participants: Tim and Andrew. Waaaaah.
**What we did:** First pass design on the "processor section" of the CAN nodes. We're breaking the CAN boards up into four different independent schematics:
-<center> attachment:CAN_Module_Section_Diagram.jpg </center>
+<center> [[CAN_Module_Section_Diagram.jpg]] </center>
1. 1. PIC and 5V switched power supply
2. Application area (node dependent)
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ We'll use EAGLE (<>) to design the sections, from schematic
Here's what we came up with for the processor section. Basically, it includes the power supply, CAN transcever, ICD interface, a voltage reference (optional to stuff), main oscillator, secondary oscillator (optional to stuff) and frankly that's it. We take more of the signals and pins and route them towards the application board (where the application circuitry can get access to the signals it needs).
-<center> attachment:PIC_section_schematic.jpg </center>
+<center> [[PIC_section_schematic.jpg]] </center>
**Power Supply for PIC boards:**