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The [[roll control|rollcontrol]] was only a partial success. The mechanical and software systems appeared to work as designed. However we appeared to experience a "control reversal" where fins placed in the counter clockwise arrangement caused the rocket to rotate in the clockwise direction and visa versa. The cause of this problem is aerodynamic in nature and is under investigation.
- [[Roll Control Failure Discussion Page|controlreversal]]
+### Acceleration Data
+Here is a graph with a comparison of the raw data from the 3 on board computers that had accelerometers. They were all single axis accelerometers aligned vertically. They only capture vertical acceleration and so are only useful from launch to apogee.
+[[!img accel_raw.png size="650x650"]]
+Here is the acceleration just during the motor burn. There seems to be an interesting shoulder around the transonic region.
+[[!img accel_burn.png size="650x650"]]
+#### Comparison with OpenRocket
+This was our first launch using [OpenRocket]( as our primary pre-launch simulation engine. Here we compare our recorded acceleration to the simulation. On the whole it did quite well. We suspect that the thrust curve that it had on file for our engine was not very accurate (or at least our motor deviated from it).
+[[!img accel_or.png size="650x650"]]
+Here is a close up of just during the burn.
+[[!img accel_or_burn.png size="650x650"]]