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launch control progress: trying different architecture
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@@ -35,10 +35,11 @@ Our previous avionics experiments were with CAN (not developer-friendly) and USB
Console software written in Python 2.7 with Kivy UI framework <>. Phidgets python drivers also required. Linux recommended.
- Repository: <>
+ - discarded mock Phidget server idea
+ - **TODO:** move away from dictionary to separate object per Phidget sensor, each maintaining its own connection.
- Kivy framework: <>
- Kivy documentation: [old](, and [new](
- Phidgets Python support: <>
- - **TODO:** how to integrate Phidgets main loop with Kivy main loop
- Previous UI spec: [[RocketViewLaunchPanel]], [[LaunchControl]] (Java, CAN-over-sockets)
- Personnel: John Boyle