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**What We're Working On:** Currently we are developing motor technologies that will allow for a throttleable motor and also one capable of thrust vector control.
-[[2012 Liquid Motor Notes]]
+- [[2012 Liquid Motor Notes]]
+- [[Staging]]
+## Project resources
- **Propulsion Team Mailing list:** [psas-propulsion](
- **Upcoming Meetings:** [[Schedule]]
-## Old History (paraffin hybrid engine) <!-- TODO: move to another page -->
+## Propulsion team meeting minutes:
+- [[news/2010-12-14]]: A new beginning
+# Old History (paraffin hybrid engine) <!-- TODO: move to another page -->
After the crash in 2005, the hybrid team leader left the group. The hybrid prototype was mothballed, and there was no further interest in propulsion design until 2010.