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tasks: write Elderberry modules, ATV network broadcast
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Atom-based flight computer, connected via Ethernet to Cortex M4-based sensor nodes. Wireless 802.11a telemetry to the ground during flight. (Other end of 2.4 GHz band for ATV.)
- PSAS GitHub repository: <>
+ - **TODO:** Capstone gave us infrastructure. Now, write some avionics modules! In priority order:
+ 1. Roll control (ported by Dan; PWM, ADIS by Capstone team and Jamey and Kay)
+ 2. GPS USB reader
+ 3. telemetry downlink
+ 4. IMU reader
+ - Docs on how to write a module spec are here: <>
- PSAS AV3 repository <> (GPS and some other working code)
- [Event-driven flight computer simulator]( is for experimenting with control algorithms, like Bayesian Particle Filtering
- Personnel: Jamey Sharp, Theo Hill, Ian Osgood, elderberry Capstone team
@@ -41,6 +47,7 @@ Console software written in Python 2.7 with Kivy UI framework <>.
- PSAS AV3 repository <> contains a Python telemetry viewer (
- **TODO:** make sure it still works with the elderberry Capstone team's telemetry format
- **TODO:** "make pretty"
+- Another task: a toolchain to process the NTSC ATV signal and broadcast it on the ground network, to run on the Raspberry Pi mounted on the Trackmaster
- Previous UI spec: [[RocketView]] (Java, CAN-over-sockets)
- Personnel: Nathan Bergey