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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Choosing [[!teximg code="\gamma_f = 45^o"]] arbitrarily, we can solve algebraica
[[!teximg code="\gamma_z = cos^{-1} \left[\frac{\overset{\centerdot}{m_f}v_fcos(\gamma_f)}{2\overset{\centerdot}{m_o}v_ocos(\gamma_o)} \right]"]]
-This all makes a great deal of sense but when one sits down to do the computations, taking the values of gamma_f = 45, gamma_o = 75, solving the arc cos equation returns imaginary numbers which lolwut?
+There are not-immediately-obvious singularities to avoid, but the values of gamma<sub>f</sub> and gamma<sub>o</sub> set equal to 60<sup>o</sup> work well.
#Engine Parameters#