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- They need a big oven ASAP. K suggested an electric kiln, which is a good idea. We could also build our own, or convince the ME department to get one.
- They visited the OSU composites lab, which is a great lab. Saw a 9" diameter tube that was rocket like, and we all drooled over the pics.
- Kyle finished the RCS system's instrumentation amplifier board, with Andrew and Nathan's help. PCB is ready to order, and a Digikey order has been put together.
+ - [[!img kyles-ia-board.png size="200x" alt=""]]
- Sent off Digikey order for connectors for the new DxWiFi USB wifi adapters - we're building little Faraday cages for them for noise sensitivity measurements.
- Dean, John and Andrew did the first of the DxWiFi noise floor tests!
- Went to the second level parking garage for low noise floor. Still could get an occasional infrastructure beacon, but it was really quiet, like >= 90 dBm quiet. Good idea on Dean's part!
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- The Alfa cards worked pretty reliably at 60 dBm signal, and started crapping out around 70 dBm. This is pretty expected, although the measurement was REALLY crude. We clearly need a better RF chamber setup than a parking garage :)
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