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0. Come to a group meeting. Unless you're remote, in which case you should [[contact us|Contacts]]. There's no substitute for coming to a meeting, so please do that BEFORE you sign up for any of the lists or on the register for the wiki.
-1. [[Sign up for a the team lists|Mailinglists]] that interest you. Note that this will _automatically_ add you to `psas-all`, the mailing list for all PSAS members... do **_not_** also sign up for the `psas-general` list.
+1. [[Sign up for a the team lists|Mailinglists]] that interest you.
2. Get yourself registered to use our wiki, a web-collaboration tool which lets us edit the PSAS site on the fly with nothing but a browser. Do this by coming to one of our meetings, and see our [[wiki editing help|MoinFormattingHelp]] to get started.