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- Resources - Links, papers, applications, etc.
- Contacts - address, email, maps, mailing lists
-## TWiki Webs
-There are two TWiki Webs in use:
-- PSAS - all the publicly-accessible project information:
- - readable to anyone who can browse into the site
- - editing and creating new topics require authentication
- - [[PSAS|PSAS/WebHome]] - standard twiki navigation point
- - [[index]] - the standard web page people get directed to
-- Minutiae - private club information (phone lists, etc.)
- - all access including viewing requires authentication
- - [[Minutiae|Minutiae/WebHome]] - standard twiki navigation point
## Photo Gallery
There's a photo and movie gallery, currently implemented using [Apache::Gallery](, at <>.
## Authenticating Group Members
-Authentication requires:
-- [[TWikiRegistration]] to establish a Twiki User Name
-- htpasswd authentication (Apache performs this)
-- inclusion in [[PsasGroup]]
-To add new group members to PSAS or to change someone's password, see [[AdminTopics]]
+User's can set up their own accounts, given a little information. Authentication requires:
-The [[PsasGroup]] is used for read and write access to the Minutiae Web, and for edit access to the PSAS Web. Configuration of these preferences can be found in the [[WebPreferences]] and [[WebPreferences]].
+- A user name. We suggest using FirstLast for clarity.
+- A password.
+- An account creation password (ask another member for this).
+- An email address.
## Mailman Superlist psas-all