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To add new group members to PSAS, see [[AdminTopics]]
The [[PsasGroup]] is used for read and write access to the Minutiae Web, and for edit access to the PSAS Web. Configuration of these preferences can be found in the [[WebPreferences]] and [[WebPreferences]].
+### <a name="Mailman Superlist psas-all"></a> Mailman Superlist psas-all
+The [psas-all]( list is automatically generated as the union of all the addresses on all the other lists that start with the string "psas-", except the [psas-announce]( list. This is accomplished with a cron job that runs every hour, located in /etc/cron.d/local:
+ 23 * * * * list /usr/local/sbin/gen-psas-all
+The /usr/local/sbin/gen-psas-all script is:
+ #!/bin/bash
+ exec /usr/local/sbin/gen-combined-list \
+ --match="^psas" --except="^psas-announce$" psas-all
+the /usr/local/sbin/gen-combined-list is a bit large, and is attached below.
+Setting up another similar superlist would just require a crontab entry and a helper shell script.
+- [[gen-combined-list]]: bash script to generate combined mailman list