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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ This document describes the requirements for the PSAS flight computer software.
The purpose of this document is to describe in detail the requirements of the flight computer software. By carefully detailing the requirements of the software, all PSAS members and specifically avionics and software team members can review them for accuracy, and ultimately we can produce software that is both complete and correct. Because a detailed list of requirements helps us get the software correct the first time, without redesign, recoding, and retesting, we will be able to launch smarter rockets, faster. This document should also help new PSAS members and other interested people understand our software's capabilities and operation.
-The intended audience of this document is primarily PSAS developers, but the document will be available for review by anyone on the Internet.
+The primary audience of this document is the PSAS software team, for use in creating a design and ultimately the flight computer software and software test systems.
### Scope
@@ -42,7 +42,8 @@ The following terms are used in this document:
2. LV2 Avionics whitepaper (old, but pages 25-28 of the PDF file include problem statement, constraints and requirements that are still valid). [[|/psas/Resources/TechPapers/lv2_avionics_design.pdf]]
3. Description of previous software at [[FlightComputerSoftware]] page.
4. State descriptions for previous software at [[FlightComputerStateFlowSep2003]] page.
-5. Hardware for AV2b flight computer (TQ MPC 5200): <>
+5. Requirements related documents for AV2a flight computer software: [[SoftwareRequirements]], [[SoftwareRequirementsJune2003]], [[SystemRequirements]], [[SystemRequirementsFor04May2003]], [[SoftwareFunctionalSpecJune2003]]
+6. Hardware for AV2b flight computer (TQ MPC 5200): <>
## Overall Description