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- contact ACM about collaberating on GIT workshop.
- Feb. 12th
- schedule FAB 10 with ECE department.
- - food request March 7th GIT workshop (depending on how much is spent on the Intro meeting).
+ - food request March 7th GIT workshop (depending on whether the ACM can get food).
- Feb. 19th
- put up posters for GIT workshop.
- send out emails for the GIT workshop.
- contact ECE, and CS department to put event on their websites.
+- Feb. 28th -- schedule FAB 10 with ECE department for movie night
+## March
+- week of March 5th-9th -- put up posters and send emails for movie night.
- GIT workshop 5pm, March 7th.
+- Movie night sometime during dead week (March 19-23)