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@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ There are several email lists that might be useful:
- The ME website has a [news section]( that can be posted to.
- The CS mailing list <> - you must be subscribed to the list or your message will be bounced.
- Email Amy Jolstead (<>) to have the announcement put in the ECE news section.
+- Verian Wedeking (<>) in the Dean's office will put announcements on the CECS and main PDX event calendars.
- The Virtual Viking is sent out to the general PSU population and goes out every Friday. Submissions should be mailed to <> before Wednesday at 5pm.
- Send an event to <> to have the event appear on the login page for webmail.
- Gerald Recktenwald (<>) is a good contact in the ME department. He's involved with the Oregon Space Grant Consortium, and happily put an announcement on the ME website.