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SALP party
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-- **September 26th - 28th**: [Arizona High Power Rocketry Association's]( ['BALLS 2008' rocket launch]( in the [Black Rock Desert, Nevada](,+nevada&sll=40.65297,-119.3519&sspn=2.912971,5.471191&ie=UTF8&ll=40.910733,-119.05601&spn=11.600228,21.884766&t=h&z=6). We are probably **NOT** going to launch at BALLS, although some of our group may attend.
+- [salp party in the park] - October 2, from 11am-3pm **Volunteers needed: sign up on the page**
- **Preliminary LV2c Launch Date - October 10-12th**:[Oregon Rocketry's]( [Rocketober]( launch in [Brothers, Oregon]( Here are the preliminary [[details|brothers_2008-10-12]].
Team Meetings