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Directions, too.
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- Directions to [[PSU|PSUDirections]].
- Directions to the [[Fourth Avenue Building (FAB)|FAB]]
-- Directions to our normal meeting room, [[FAB Room 155|FAB#155]].
+- Directions to Room 86-01.
+ - Enter the Fourth Avenue Building at the main entrance (on 4th Avenue).
+ - Proceed straight ahead, slightly to the left of the guard desk.
+ - Go down the stairs.
+ - Take an immediate right at the bottom of the staircase, then right again down the long hallway.
+ - Room 86-01 will be on your right.
+- Directions to [[FAB Room 155|FAB#155]].
- Directions to [[Gordon's shop|DirectionsToGordonsShop]]
- Directions to launch sites:
- the [[Central Oregon Millican Launch Site|MillicanSite]]