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Upcoming launches.
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+Upcoming Events
-### Upcoming events:
+- **May 22-23, 2010:** PSAS is scheduled to launch LV2c with roll control and some minimal avionics on an N2000W motor at Oregon Rocketry's [Spring Thunder]( rocket launch in Brothers, Oregon.
-- **SCRUBBED! October 2-4, 2009:** PSAS will **not** be attending the [AHPRA "BALLS" 2009 launch]( in the Black Rock Desert, NV, this year. We've rescheduled for T+2 weeks in Brothers, Oregon.
-- **October 17-18th, 2009:** PSAS is currently scheduled to launch LV2c on an N2000W motor with roll control at Oregon Rocketry's Rocketober launch in Brothers, Oregon.
-### Possible events:
+- **September 24-26th, 2010:** AHPRA's "BALLS 19" launch event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. PSAS is tentatively schedule to launch there.
Team Meetings