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+[[!meta title="Airframe Team Home"]]
+## LV2c Conceptual Design
+[[LV2c Conceptual Design|LV2b_Conceptual_Design]] _(Updated 8/19/06)_
+**Project:** We're currently designing the LV2c airframe after our [[August 2005 successful-but-fatal launch|news/2005-08-20]].
+**Meetings:** The airframe team meets on a roughly bi-weekly basis. See the 'Airframe' section on the [[PSAS schedule page|Schedule]] for upcoming meetings.
+**Airframe Team Mailing list:** We have a [mailing list]( for active PSAS airframe team members.
+**PSAS Airframe Team:** [[AirframeTeamRoster]]
+## Airframe Project Information
+- [[LV2c Aluminum Module Design|LV2cModule]]
+- [[LV2c Nosecone Design|LV2cNosecone]]
+- [[LV2c Nosecone Seperation Ring|LV2cNoseconeSeperationRing]]
+- [[LV2c Parachute Recovery Design|LV2cRecovery]]
+- [[LV2c Line Cutters|LV2cLineCutters]]
+- [[LV2 Airframe Jigs|ProjectLV2AirframeJigs]]
+- [[LV2 Aeroshell Construction|LV2AeroShellConstruction]]
+- [[LV2c Aeroshell Construction|LV2cAeroshell]]
+- [[LV2 Launch Lugs|LV2LaunchLugs]]
+- [[LV2c Motor Casing|LV2cMotorCasing]]
+- [[LV2c Motor Nozzle|LV2cNozzle]]
+- [[LV2c Motor Coupler Bulkhead|LV2cMotorCouplerBulkhead]]
+- [[LV2c Aft Motor Centering Ring|LV2cAftMotorCenteringRing]]
+- [[LV2 Fin Attachment Clamps|LV2cFinClamps]]
+- [[Igniters for the LV2c recovery system|Lv2cIgniters]]
+- [[LV2 Airframe Archive|LV2AirframeArchive]]
+## Airframe Team Information
+The old LV2 page is [[here|ProjectLV2]].
+## Airframe Team Meeting Notes
+Also see: [[UpcomingAirframeAgenda]]
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