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- Project Ideas
- Track-Master 3000 - A servo-controlled base that can hold an antenna, camera or something that is other wise interesting and automatically point it at the rocket during flight and recovery. Bonus points if it can control focus and zoom on a camera with a giant lens...
- A better mechanism for aiming the wi-fi antenna on the tower, some kind of pan-tilt mechanism that is easily adjustable from the ground, avoiding the need to climb the tower
- - Separation rings capable of holding larger motors, P-class, which are 6ft long and 5" in diameter
+ - Separation rings capable of holding larger motors, P-class, which are 6ft long and 5" in diameter. It would be good to test this under sheer, perhaps 10,000lbs of tensile strenght. Also cool would be mounting the bottom half to a shake-table, and putting an arm with a weight at the top vertically to see how it holds up on the shake table with various moment-arms on the top of the separation ring.
- A servo control camera module, that can move a camera out from the rocket airframe and allow software to point the camera up, down or sideways depending on whats interesting
- Create solidworks models of the line cutters and add to rocket assembly
- Add solidworks models of the 'pusher' and the drogue parachute bundle to the rocket model.