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@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ We now organize our documentation according to avionics generation and launch. S
-This is the planned system for our next flight, "L11", sometime in summer 2014.
+This is the planned system for our next flight, "L11", sometime in summer 2014. Although things have only incrementally changed since AV3, AV4 denotes the full move to Ethernet.
-- [[AV3 battery board|avionics/av3-battery-board]]
+- [[AV4 battery board|avionics/av3-battery-board]]
- [[RocketNet hub|avionics/Capstone2012]]: Power and Ethernet distribution board
- [[STM32F407-based avionics node with Ethernet|avionics/node6]]
- Our interim development boards: The Olimex [[STM32-E407|OlimexSTM32-E407]]
@@ -32,9 +32,9 @@ This is the planned system for our next flight, "L11", sometime in summer 2014.
The planned ground system:
- [[rockettracks]] motorized telemetry and video tracking system
-## AV3-L10 (June 2013|launch10)
+## AV3-L10 ([[June 2013|launch10]])
This was the first launch of our untested and mostly not-ready avionics system. We moved to an Intel Atom flight computer, with a mix of USB and newer Ethernet nodes. The flight was successful, but a FC reboot 4 ms into the flight erased any useful data from the boost phase of the flight.
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ The ground system was also new:
- Trackmaster 3000, the next generation shoulder-mounted receive system
-## L07 ([[June 2010|v2c_launchdata-2010-06-27]]) and L08 ([[October 2010|]])
+## L07 ([[June 2010|lv2c_launchdata-2010-06-27]]) and L08 ([[October 2010|]])
These two launches were our first attempts at a control system: we use a servo-controlled set of small canards to control the vehicle's roll. It used a microcontroller-based control system to keep the control real time, simple and reliable. Both launches the avionics system worked perfectly, but roll control only worked with the L08 flight after the addition of a [[spin can|lv2cspincan]].