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@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ The Avionics team is currently working on 'AV3' class hardware and firmware for
- Here are the current block diagrams of:
- the [[onboard avionics system|avionics/lv2_avionics_diagram_2006-09-30.pdf]].
- the [[network and ground systems|avionics/system_diagram_2006-10-16.pdf]].
-- [[PowerPC Flight Computer|FlightComputerAv2b]]
+- [[PowerPC Flight Computer|FlightComputerAv3]]
- USB Nodes
- Generic USB node front end: [[2006 Capstone Project|CapstoneLV2b]]
- OLD: [[Amateur TV System|LvTwoAmateurTelevisionOverview]]: Broadcasts NTSC video with overlay at 1.25 GHz.