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@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ The Avionics team is currently working on 'AV3' class hardware and firmware for
- [[Our current to do list|avionics-to-do]]
-Here are the now pretty out-dated block diagrams of our avionics system:
+Here are the block diagrams of our avionics system:
-- the [[onboard avionics system|avionics/lv2_avionics_diagram_2006-09-30.pdf]].
+- OUTDATED: the [[onboard avionics system|avionics/lv2_avionics_diagram_2006-09-30.pdf]].
- the [[network and ground systems|avionics/system_diagram_2006-10-16.pdf]].
Here are the current subsystems in the AV3 avionics system:
@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ Here are the current subsystems in the AV3 avionics system:
- [[Atom-based FC PCI-104 stack|av3_atom_fc_stack]]
- [[x86 FC search|avionics/av3_x86_fc_search]]
- [[AV3 flight computer documentation|avionics/av3-fc]]
+- Misc
+ - [[Custom 3d printed Ethernet+Power interconnect system|avionics/av3_rocketnet_connector]]
- Sensor/actuator nodes
- [[AV3 GPS system|avionics/av3-gps]]
- [[AV3-IMU|avionics/av3-imu]] Theo IMU and ADIS IMU