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[[!meta title="PSAS Avionics Team"]]
+# Avionics Home Page
+[[!img Evolution_of_avionics_block_diagrams.png size="350x657" class="picture"]]
The Avionics team is currently working on 'AV3' class hardware and firmware for the [[Launch Vehicle No. 2c|ProjectLV2]] airframe. The AV3 hardware includes a PowerPC flight computer, a USB-based avionics bus, and a half-dozen USB-based avionics nodes including a GPS, IMU, power system, recovery node, and amateur TV broadcast.
- If you're new to the avionics team, or you want some information on a previous sytem, please see our [[Introduction to PSAS Avionics Page|AvionicsIntro]], and then see our list of project ideas below.