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- If you're new to the avionics team, or you want some information on a previous sytem, please see our [[Introduction to PSAS Avionics Page|AvionicsIntro]], and then see our list of project ideas below.
- For more in depth reading about the avionics nodes, see the 2006 Capstone Project Final Report ([[CapstoneLV2bProjectReport]]).
+# Community Hardware
+- ST Boards: STM32-E407 [[OlimexSTM32-E407]]
# Avionics System Documentation
We now organize our documentation according to avionics generation and launch. So "AV3-L10" means Avionics Generation 3 for Launch 10.
@@ -126,10 +130,6 @@ Deprecated and unorganized subsystems:
- [GPL-GPS](
- [[avionics/Pressure_Sensors]]
-### Community Hardware
-- ST Boards: STM32-E407 [[OlimexSTM32-E407]]
Avionics Hardware Tools