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@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ Here are the current subsystems in the AV3 avionics system:
- [[AV3 battery pack|avionics/av3-battery-pack]]
- [[AV3 battery board|avionics/av3-battery-board]]
- [[AV3 GPS system|avionics/av3-gps]]
+- [[AV3-IMU]] Theo IMU and ADIS IMU
### Sponsored projects
@@ -60,7 +61,6 @@ Deprecated and unorganized subsystems:
- OLD: [[Amateur TV System|LvTwoAmateurTelevisionOverview]]: Broadcasts NTSC video with overlay at 1.25 GHz.
- OLD: [[Avionics Power System|AvionicsPowerSystemLv2]]: power switches, battery and bus monitoring
- [GPL-GPS](
- - [[AV3-IMU]]
- [[Inertial Measurement Unit: inertial sensors (also pressure and temperature sensors)|InertialMeasurementUnit]]
- [[Magnetometer|MagnetometerLv2]]: 3D sensing of the Earth's magnetic field
- OLD: [[Recovery Node|RecoveryNodeLV2]]: Battery backed up 2m radio receiver and pyrotechnic actuators