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Avionics Team Meeting Minutes
-To add a new entry, please use the date of the entry (YYYY-MM-DD) and then add a `\[[!meta title="YYYY-MM-DD - Title here!"]]` line to give it
-a title. Include a the avionics tag `\[[!tag avionics]]` so that it gets listed here!
+To add a new entry, please use the data as the name of the page in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Don't forget to uncomment the avionics news tag!
-[[!inline rootpage="news" pages="news/* and !news/*/* and (link(avionics) or link(capstonelv2b) or link(general))" archive="yes" sort="title" reverse="yes" template="titlepage"]]
+[[!inline rootpage="news" pages="news/* and !news/*/* and link(avionics)" archive="yes" sort="title" reverse="yes" template="titlepage"]]