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Payload module photos
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[[!img camera_34.jpg size="140x140"]]
[[!img camera_back.jpg size="140x140"]]
[[!img camera_top.jpg size="140x140"]]
-[[!img camera_side.jpg size="140x140"]]
[[!img camera_camera.jpg size="140x140"]]
+[[!img payload_wcam.jpg size="140x140"]]
@@ -94,6 +94,26 @@ A special payload is flying on this launch. A 360&deg; camera module made up of
One of the small innovations on this launch are small, locking connectors for the ethernet and power that are partly COTS and partly 3D printed.
+## Rocket Sections
+#### Nosecone
+The nosecone has the top half of the recovery system.
+#### Payload Module
+The payload module contains two commercial off the shelf 'flight computers' that are simple devices that track the height of the rocket and ignite the charges that open the parachutes at the right altitudes. The payload module also contains the downward facing camera and a side facing HD camera. The downward camera sends down a live image through an amateur TV band transmitter. All other cameras on the rocket record to SD cards.
+<div class="image_gallery">
+[[!img payload_34.jpg size="140x140"]]
+[[!img payload_arts.jpg size="140x140"]]
+[[!img payload_tm_1.jpg size="140x140"]]
+[[!img payload_wcam.jpg size="140x140"]]
# Logistics
## Pre-launch Timeline