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## Flight Computer
No data was recovered from the rocket during the boost phase of the launch. The logs start again sometime after apogee when the rocket was already on parachutes.
+## Launch Pad cameras
+Here are screen shots of the launch pad cameras that recorded data. Unfortunately every camera ran out of battery before the vehicle launched.
+[[!img Screen_Shot_2013-07-03_at_11.45.40_PM.png size="800x600"]]
+[[!img Screen_Shot_2013-07-03_at_11.41.18_PM.png size="800x600"]]
+[[!img Screen_Shot_2013-07-03_at_11.44.06_PM.png size="800x600"]]
+[[!img Screen_Shot_2013-07-03_at_11.39.38_PM.png size="800x600"]]
+[[!img Screen_Shot_2013-07-03_at_11.49.30_PM.png size="800x600"]]