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We have an [[Analog Devices ADIS 6 axis + magnetometer IMU|avionics/av3-imu]] that needs integration into our flight computer. We have opted to use an STM32 ARM based microcontroller to handle low level communication with the sensor, while reporting it's values over Ethernet to the FC.
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#### Olimex STM32-E407 based roll control with Ethernet
We want to use the same STM32 architecture to do other low level work, in this case send updates to the roll control servo. This board does also doubles as the hardware launch detect (using a shorted tether).
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#### LTC API
@@ -51,13 +60,19 @@ Over the last year we rebuilt our [[Launch Tower Computer (LTC)|GroundTeamHome/l
We validated Roll Control on our October 2010 launch. But this was using a one-off, completely embedded solution. We very much would like to fly the same algorithm using our new flight computer framework, Ethernet communication, etc.
-[[!img LV2_3_june.png size="300x255" alt="AV3-L10 Diagram"]]
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+[[!img LV2_3_june.png size="140x140" alt="AV3-L10 Diagram"]]
#### Flight Computer Framework
This winter/spring CS Capstone team built a [Flight Computer Framework]( This allows us to write modules in c and then define the connections and program flow between them using simple configuration files. The framework then handles setting up the build targets, events and callbacks for the computer. This is the flight test using the new code.
-[[!img FCF.png size="300x255" alt="AV3-L10 Diagram"]]
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+[[!img FCF.png size="140x140" alt="AV3-L10 Diagram"]]
#### FC Rocket Ready based on real constraints
@@ -94,6 +109,11 @@ A special payload is flying on this launch. A 360&deg; camera module made up of
One of the small innovations on this launch are small, locking connectors for the ethernet and power that are partly COTS and partly 3D printed.
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## Rocket Sections
#### Nosecone