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Photo of motor. Last of the major rocket parts
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The rocket falls under drogue until about 300 meters altitude when the drogue and nosecone are cut away by a pyrotechnic line cutter. The action also pulls out the main chute.
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-[[!img recover.jpg size="200x548"]]
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### Payload Module
@@ -167,6 +167,13 @@ The flight computer (FC). This is the main computer, Ethernet hardware battery a
[[!img fc_buttoned.jpg size="140x140"]]
+### Motor and 'Spin Can'
+The motor casing also has a set of fins for stability. But ours are special The 3 fins are on a free-rotating bearing so rotational forces on the fins do not overpower the small roll control canards.
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+[[!img motor_1.jpg size="200x400"]]
# Logistics