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More photo documentation of rocket systems
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-This is it, last few days until launch!!!
+Launch weekend is here!
-_Current status: EXTREME Panic._
+_Current status: Last minute insanity._
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@@ -121,6 +121,10 @@ The nosecone has the top half of the recovery system. A pusher presses against t
The rocket falls under drogue until about 300 meters altitude when the drogue and nosecone are cut away by a pyrotechnic line cutter. The action also pulls out the main chute.
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### Payload Module
The payload module contains two commercial off the shelf 'flight computers' that are simple devices that track the height of the rocket and ignite the charges that open the parachutes at the right altitudes. The payload module also contains the downward facing camera and a side facing HD camera. The downward camera sends down a live image through an amateur TV band transmitter. All other cameras on the rocket record to SD cards.
@@ -137,14 +141,31 @@ The payload module contains two commercial off the shelf 'flight computers' that
The 360&deg; camera module houses 5 HD GoPro cameras that recorded a complete, overlapping cylindrical view from the rocket.
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### Roll Control
The roll control module uses small canards to spin the rocket clockwise and counterclockwise as it flies. This is our test stabilization system.
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+[[!img rc_front_1.jpg size="140x140"]]
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### Avionics Module
-The flight computer (FC).
+The flight computer (FC). This is the main computer, Ethernet hardware battery and power supply, etc. It has a special shell it drops into that has 3 linealry polarized clydrical patch attennas. One for GPS, one for live video broadcast and one for WiFi.
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# Logistics