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# Launch of LV2c in Brothers on June 27, 2010
+[[!img takeoff.png size="300x300" class="picture"]]
This was our second "return to flight" launch for the LV2 series. The airframe and recovery systems remained unchanged from [[last flight|news/2009-05-31]]. We added a [[roll control module|rollcontrol]] to as a runner up to full active guidance. We ran an ARTS-2 and a Telemetrum for the flight computers. The motor was an AeroTech N2000W. This page is a container for all the relevant data from the launch of the vehicle including pictures and video.
[[!toc levels="3"]]
@@ -114,5 +116,11 @@ This is the data run in advance, not taking into account the measured mass or cg
- Simple tab delimited file: [[2010-06-27-serial-221-flight-002.detail]]
- KML (Google Earth) file: [[2010-06-27-serial-221-flight-002.kml]]
-### Roll (CAN logger)
+### ARTS2
+Raw data from the [ARTS2 flight computer](
+ - [[PSAS_arts2_data_20100627.bmp]]
+ - [[arts20100627.odf]]
+### Roll (CAN logger)