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-# <a name="Black Rock Desert Launch, Septem"></a> Black Rock Desert Launch, September 2003
+[[meta title="2003-09-21 - Launch of LV2.2 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada"]]
**Summary**: The PSAS team drove out to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to attempt two launches of Launch Vehicle No. 2 (LV2): LV2.1 which was flown in [[September of 2002|news/2002-09-22]] and LV2.2 which was a new airframe. After all day work and integration sessions in the middle of the desert on Friday and Saturday, LV2.2 was launched on an "O" motor Sunday morning as an airframe only (i.e., without the LV2 avionics package). Unfortunately, LV2.2 was destroyed about 8 seconds into flight near 5,000ft and between Mach 1 and 2. We think the fin canister tore off because of the modifications we did in order to make it fit on the the "O" motor case. The nosecone, commercial flight computer, and 2m uplink board were recovered, but the rest of the rocket was destroyed. The failure of LV2.2 forced us to scrub the launch of LV2.1 with the avionics package because of the loss of the parachutes and unknown condition of the commercial flight computer and 2m uplink board.