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[[!meta title="2005-08-20 - A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending"]]
- <center><a href=""> <img alt="245x640-fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped.jpg" src=""> </a></center>
+# 2005-08-20 - A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending
+[[!img 245x640-fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped.jpg class="picture" size="153x400" alt="Launch!"]]
+[[!toc levels="3"]]
## <a name="Summary:"></a> Summary:
@@ -38,9 +40,7 @@ Another huge success for PSAS was the fact that we did a setup, launch, and tear
We set up two pop-up launch control (LC) tents about a mile away from the launch tower. We were that far away because we wanted the receive antennas on the ground to be more than 10 degrees off of the vertical null in the rocket's cylindrical patch antenna pattern. At a simulated apogee of 18,000 ft AGL, a mile gave us about 17 degrees off vertical assuming the rocket was going straight up.
- <center><a href=""> <img alt="38_Launch_Control_Flight_Discussion.thumb.jpg" src=""> </a></center>
+[[!img 38_Launch_Control_Flight_Discussion.jpg size="200x133" alt="launch control flight discussion"]]
The launch tower (LT) and launch tower computer (LTC) were set up in parallel with LC, which meant that by about 1:00pm on Saturday things were basically ready for launch. The only setup notes we have are: