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History: auto-generate list of events, general meetings, and announcements.
Set [[meta title]] attributes on almost all pages that were referenced from the hand-maintained History page, in an effort to make the auto-generated version have roughly the same content. Notably, some items now appear on the history that weren't there before, and a few have disappeared as they were team-specific or not obviously legitimate "news" or "schedule" items.
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-## <a name="A spectacular flight of LV2, but"></a> A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending.
+[[meta title="2005-08-20 - A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending"]]
<center><a href=";set_albumName=fred_azinger_08-20-2005&amp;id=fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped"> <img alt="245x640-fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped.jpg" src=""> </a></center>