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We sucessfully launched Launch Vehicle 2.3 (LV2.3) this weekend in Brothers, Oregon, at the Oregon Rocketry's Brothers Launch Site.
-### Saturday morning drive and afternoon setup
+### **Saturday morning drive and afternoon setup**
We gathered at Tim's house Saturday morning at 9:00am to pack all of our rocket bits: launch tower, antennas, launch control table, etc. We managed to pack it all into the back of Dave's pickup truck and in Dan's brother Bill's "Toy Hauler" - a larg 5th wheel ATV carrier (thanks Dan! thanks Bill!). It was pretty amazing, actually: it was probably the fastest packing and smallest number of vehicles carrying rocket bits we've ever had since LV0. And, amazingly, we actually left *on time*.
@@ -19,13 +19,13 @@ This was an "airframe only" launch, but we still managed to cram in a bunch of s
- Keith's Telemetrum flight computer, with GPS (flown as payload only, with it's 900 MHz telemetry sending real-time telemetry and acting as a direction finder).
- An Olimex LPC2148 development board with SCP1000, MP3, and ADXS pressure sensors and ADXL3xx 2 axis accelerometer.
-### Sunday morning prep
+### **Sunday morning prep**
Sunday morning we got back to work 9:00am, did a final checkover of the avionics, attached the igniters, buttoned up the rocket, and took it to the launch tower. We were ready to go by about 12:45pm, just in time the 12:30pm - 2:30pm waiver that Jeff of BORG called in for us. Again, surprisingly, we were ready to go, we just had to wait for a cloud break. After waiting about 30 minutes for a largish patch of blue sky, we turned on the avionics system(s), and cleared the pad.
One fun distraction was Dan's electric "T-Rex" helicopter. He strapped our spare camera and 2.4 GHz ATV transmitter to the nose and buzzed launch control and the launch tower. We had high hopes to catch the launch from the helicopter's perspective, but a loss of RC control made the 'copter crash and snap a blade. Next time!
-### Sunday afternoon launch.
+### **Sunday afternoon launch.**
Ian hit the "launch" button at about 1340 PDT in our Java "LaunchControl" software that he patched for this airframe-only flight, and it counted down and launched the rocket over the WiFi link to the launch tower.