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+[[meta title="1998-05-24 - Launch scrubbed of LV0 in Bend, OR"]]
**Photo Gallery :**
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+[[meta title="1998-06-07 - Successful launch of LV0 in Monroe, WA"]]
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+[[meta title="1998-07-18 - OMSI Space Days"]]
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+[[meta title="1998-08-02 - Group trip to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada"]]
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+[[meta title="1998-10-26 - Launch scrub of LV1 in Bend, OR"]]
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-**November 8, 1998**
+[[meta title="1998-11-08 - Payload and Recovery Tests"]]
[[ MPEG movie of successful video/data test (1.4 M)|psas/Resources/Movies/payloadtest.mpg]]
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-**November 17, 1998**
+[[meta title="1998-11-17 - Payload and Recovery Tests II"]]
** ** More tests were conducted this week.
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-**1/5/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="1999-01-05 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
** First meeting of the new year! About 10 people showed up all rested from the holiday break and ready to move forward with the plan for world domination. It was a good meeting. It lasted about 3 hours and we discussed all the issues that need to be resolved in order for us to launch. We broke down the remaining tasks and assigned them to members.**
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-**January 28, 1999**
+[[meta title="1999-01-28 - Payload and Recovery Tests III"]]
** The last couple of weeks we have been working on fine tuning the flight computer software, the on board camera optics, and the replacement recovery system.**
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- <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Adobe PageMill 3.0 Win">
- <TITLE>PSU IEEE Workshop on PIC Microcontrollers</TITLE>
+[[meta title="1999-02-15 - &quot;PSU IEEE Workshop on PIC Microcontrollers&quot;"]]
<H1><CENTER>PSU IEEE Workshop on PIC Microcontrollers</CENTER></H1>
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<STRONG>Author: </STRONG>Mooseboy</TD>
[[tag event]]
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-**3/16/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="1999-03-16 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**Launch logistics for April 11th launch were discussed. The following lists outline member responsibilities.**
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-**April 7, 1999**
+[[meta title="1999-04-07 - Payload and Recovery Tests IV"]]
** ** The final integration tests before the April 11th launch were conducted on Tuesday. The rocket was fully assembled into it's final flight configuration and the payload loaded into the airframe and all systems tested. The video and data streams are working perfectly as is the manual dtmf up link system. If everything goes as planned and the weather cooperates the rocket will FLY in a few days.
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+[[meta title="1999-04-11 - Successful launch of LV1 in Bend, OR"]]
<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width="90%">
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-**4/21/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="1999-04-21 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
** ** Here is the list of some of the ideas we discussed for LV2 and some ideas for group structure going into the next phase. Please scroll to bottom of page to see suggested club logo we will need to make a decision on this at the next meeting.
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-**6/16/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103 **
+[[meta title="1999-06-16 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
Tuesday's meeting was focused primarily on the requirements for getting the LV-1 rocket and payload ready for a September 18-19th launch in Nevada. The list of modifications to the original vehicle was solidified but the nuts and bolts of layout, and timelines, was not pinned down do to some team members being absent from the meeting. A meeting next week is scheduled to finalize those issues so work can go forward.<br /> The second (and possibly third) launch of LV-1 will be used as a test bed for systems that we plan on designing into the LV-2 launch vehicle and avionics package.<br /> Also during the meeting Paul brought the group up to date on the research he has been doing on the feasibility of actively controlling future versions of LV-2. This included research into methods of attitude determination, and some insight into the tricky problems of active control in inherently unstable bodies. He also passed on some good resources for technical papers form NASA and some good software sources.<br /> On a background/parallel track, many of the design specifications have now been set for LV-2. Flight computer design is going forward as is airframe design and internal systems layout. The next full group meeting will be in two weeks.
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-**7/7/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
-**PSAS/AESS Meeting Notes<br />**
+[[meta title="1999-07-07 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**Distance Measurement Equipment (DME):**
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+[[meta title="1999-07-18 - OMSI Space Celebration"]]
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-**September 6, 1999**
+[[meta title="1999-09-06 - System Tests"]]
** **While most enjoyed their Labor Day weekend at the coast or camping we spent the day getting ready for our upcoming launch at. With less than two weeks to go we had to get a few of the new systems up and running. The main areas that where worked on that day were:
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+[[meta title="1999-09-13 - Rolleron Test"]]
-** **![](Rolleroninside.jpg)**R**ollerons are a simple yet ingenious way to counter the roll experienced by a rocket. The idea was originally used in the design of the sidewinder missile and has had some limited us in the area of amateur rocketry. We are planning on implementing rollerons on our next rocket LV-2 and decided that the upcoming flight of our LV-1 rocket with upgraded payload, (GPS, onboard data logging, 900Mhz 19.2K down link, and improved onboard data processing), would be a good place to field test a rolleron prototype.
+**R**ollerons are a simple yet ingenious way to counter the roll experienced by a rocket. The idea was originally used in the design of the sidewinder missile and has had some limited us in the area of amateur rocketry. We are planning on implementing rollerons on our next rocket LV-2 and decided that the upcoming flight of our LV-1 rocket with upgraded payload, (GPS, onboard data logging, 900Mhz 19.2K down link, and improved onboard data processing), would be a good place to field test a rolleron prototype.
Today we had our first successful rolleron spin-up test. The heart of the rolleron is a spinning mass made from a commercial slot cutter and high speed bearing. The unit is spun-up via an air tube that enters the rolleron body with 130 psi compressed air we are drawing from our launch towers pneumatic system.<br /><br />[[psas/Schedule/SystemTests/Rollerons/Finmockup.jpg]]<br /> There is not a lot of information out there on rolleron fabrication we relied mostly on the previous work done by David Crisalli, the information he provided us and the articles he has wrote on the topic of rollerons and amateur rocketry were invaluable, Thanks Dave!
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+[[meta title="1999-09-17 - Launch scrub in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada"]]
** F**or the second year in a row the Portland State Aerospace Society made the journey down to the Black Rock Desert, Nevada to launch our Rocket. For the second year in a row we had to scrub the launch due to technical difficulties.<br /> Sunday mid-morning the decision to scrub was made because our flight computer would not pr**[[psas/Schedule/B.R.trip99/Resources/PSAS.jpg]]**operly accept its code.
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-**_October 2, 1999_**
+[[meta title="1999-10-02 - System Tests"]]
** **The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd was used to conduct tests for the upcoming launch attempt in Millican, OR.<br /> Many people turned out to help with some of the systems that still needed work. The two main systems that were worked on were ; the payload separation charges and the launch tower/ launch control module wireless Ethernet bridge.<br /> Several different size charges were used to separate the two halves of the rocket. We switched to FFFG black powder to accomplish this so a few test were needed to determine the correct charge size. A 2g charge was finally decided upon. A Big thank to Paul G. and Andrew G. for giving up their Sunday to finish the testing.<br /> The second system that was tested was the wireless bridge. We had had a problem with it out at Black Rock for unknown reasons. The system is specked out to transmit 5 miles but we were having difficulty at 1500 feet. Saturday a distance test was conducted with one half of the system in Jim W's truck which drove about a mile away across the river. It was discovered the original problem was the antennas were just not place high enough off the ground. This was quickly remedied and the system was up and running by the end of the day. We are now confident this system will provide the needed communication to the launch tower.<br /> The weekend was quite full and we are now that much closer to being ready to launch the new LV-1b modified rocket and payload.<br />
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-**10/20/99 MEETING MINUTES**
+[[meta title="1999-10-20 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**In attendance** : Glenn L., Todd R., Paul G., Brian O., Matt R., Anthony P., Jamey S., Marty C., Matt M., Tim B., Andrew G.<br />**Absent** : Ron S., Jim W., Roger J., Bart M., Steve D., Michael K.
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-**12/1/99 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="1999-12-01 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
Team Updates:**[[psas/Resources/graphics/DAQ.jpg]]**
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-**01/18/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
-**LV1b Meeting Notes**
+[[meta title="2000-01-18 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
At the meeting : Andrew, Glenn, Ron, Michael, MattMc, Tim, John, Anthony, Bart, Jamey, John O.
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-**02/02/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
-<br />**General Team &amp; LV2 Meeting**
+[[meta title="2000-02-02 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
At the meeting: Jimmy, Anthony, Jamie, Mattr, Mattmc, Brian, Ron, Tim, Michael, Dennis, Andrew, Paul<br /> New members: Matts, Marius
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- <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Adobe PageMill 3.0 Win">
- <META HTTP-EQUIV="Context-Type" CONTEXT="text/html;charset=windows-1252">
- <TITLE>Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation</TITLE>
+[[meta title="2000-03-01 - &quot;An overview of the PSAS Autonomous Recovery System&quot;, Chad Klingbeil and John Ochsner IV"]]
<H1><CENTER>An overview of the PSAS Autonomous Recovery System
@@ -43,8 +37,5 @@ designed to be viewed in 1024 x 768</CENTER></P>
[[tag event]]
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+[[meta title="2000-04-01 - PSAS exhibit at OMSI Russian Rocketry event"]]
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-**05/03/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
-<br />**General Team &amp; LV2 Meeting**
+[[meta title="2000-05-03 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
Wednesday's meeting went well. There were about 15 members in attendance. After a brief round of introductions a short presentation was given on our group and were we are going. Afterwards team reports were given:
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-**May 5, 2000**
+[[meta title="2000-05-05 - LV1b telemetry system test"]]
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-**May 11th, 2000**
+[[meta title="2000-05-11 - PSAS wins Oregon Space Grant"]]
**"Student Design of a Modular Sounding Rocket"**
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-**06/07/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
-<br />**General Team Meeting**
+[[meta title="2000-06-07 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
In attendance: Andrew, Brian, Paul, Tim, Jamey, Jimmy, Todd, Matt, Bart<br /> Special Guests: Dan Berg - AESS Chair from University of Missouri, Rolla
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-**07/5/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="2000-07-05 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**Team Meeting**
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-**07/12/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="2000-07-12 - General Meeting &amp; Task List in PCAT 103"]]
**LV1b Team Meeting**
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-**July 16, 2000**
+[[meta title="2000-07-16 - LV1b telemetry system test #2"]]
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-**07/19/00 MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="2000-07-19 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**Team Meeting**
@@ -18,4 +16,4 @@ Attending: Nathan, Dennis, Andrew, Bart, Michael, Jamey, Anthony, Glenn
- Not much time left until 9/3 launch! Only 1.5 months.<br /> - Next big Meeting: August 2 General Team meeting where we'll discuss launch &amp; test details<br /> - Next big test: August 6th critical functionality test for payload.<br /><br />
-[[tag logistics]]
+[[tag general]]
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+[[meta title="2000-09-03 - Launch scrub of LV1b in Bend, OR"]]
<table border=0 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 height=593 width="79%">
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+[[meta title="2000-10-07 - Successful launch of LV1b in Bend, OR"]]
<table border=0 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 width="80%">
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- <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Adobe PageMill 3.0 Win">
- <TITLE>Build a small Rocket for L.E.O. (10 kg Payload)</TITLE>
-<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff">
+[[meta title="2000-11-02 - &quot;Build a small Rocket for L.E.O. (10 kg Payload)&quot;, Rainier Anacker"]]
<H1><CENTER>Build a small Rocket for L.E.O. (10 kg Payload)</CENTER></H1>
<H4><CENTER><I><FONT COLOR="#009900">Lecture given by Rainier
@@ -78,8 +73,5 @@ Anacker November 2, 200</FONT></I></CENTER></H4>
<P><A HREF="">Download presentation source</A></TD>
[[tag event]]
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-**01/9/01 GENERAL MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="2001-01-09 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
**Airframe Team**
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-**02/06/01 GENERAL MEETING IN PCAT 103**
+[[meta title="2001-02-06 - General Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
Airframe Update
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-**05/29/01 AIRFRAME MEETING IN PCAT 103<br />**
+[[meta title="2001-05-29 - Airframe Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
A lot of final design decisions were made at this meeting and tentative schedules set for prototype fabrication and testing. Design decisions based on simulations, testing, discussion and current trends in sounding rocket development have been ongoing with the airframe team in regards to LV2 for several months now. The vehicle has evolved significantly since last October but still remains true to the project goals and guidelines set forth at the projects conception and as outlined in the grant request for the Oregon Space Grant.
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-**05/29/01 AVIONICS MEETING IN PCAT 103<br />**
+[[meta title="2001-05-29 - Avionics Meeting in PCAT 103"]]
We mostly focussed on the 2.4GHz high-speed bi-directional communication system at this meeting. This system (COM) is supposed to give us a high-speed data link to the rocket - we've discussed 100kbps as a target speed but it's all very flexible. Basically, we'll consider anything over 19.2kbps as high-speed.
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="General Meeting 05/01/2002"></a> General Meeting 05/01/2002
+[[meta title="2002-05-01 - General Meeting"]]
**Launch Site:**
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-## <a name="Booth at PDXBOT.02 05/19/2002"></a> Booth at PDXBOT.02 05/19/2002
+[[meta title="2002-05-19 - Booth at PDXBOT.02"]]
We setup a booth at the [Portland Area Robotics Society's]( PDXBOT.02 event - there must have been several hundred people there... it was very, very impressive. We answered questions, talked about how we are essentially budiling flying robots, and we all got a chance to walk around and look at robots.
diff --git a/news/2002-06-04.mdwn b/news/2002-06-04.mdwn
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-## <a name="General Meeting 06/04/2002"></a> General Meeting 06/04/2002
+[[meta title="2002-06-04 - General Meeting: Reschedule of 6/21 launch to 8/3"]]
**June 21-22 Launch Scrub**
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-## <a name="Meeting notes for July 9th, 2002"></a> Meeting notes for July 9th, 2002 General Meeting
+[[meta title="2002-07-09 - General Meeting: Launch logistics for 8/3"]]
diff --git a/news/2002-07-20.mdwn b/news/2002-07-20.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="July 20th, 2002 LV2 System Test"></a><a name="July 20th, 2002 LV2 System Test "></a> July 20th, 2002 LV2 System Test at OMSI's Space Days Celebration
+[[meta title="2002-07-20 - System Test at OMSI's Space Day"]]
The system test at OMSI was a lot of working with not a lot of results, but it was a fun day. Kudos to all who showed up to make this happen, especially Larry for setting it up and Brian and Jimmy for hauling the heavy stuff. Larry, Bart, Andrew, Paul, James, Jamey, Brian, Jimmy and Jim all showed up today. After arriving at 8:30am, we eventually left OMSI around 6:30pm.
diff --git a/news/2002-07-31.mdwn b/news/2002-07-31.mdwn
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-## <a name="Meeting notes for July 31st, 200"></a> Meeting notes for July 31st, 2002 General Meeting
+[[meta title="2002-07-31 - General Meeting: Launch logistics for 8/3"]]
diff --git a/news/2002-08-01.mdwn b/news/2002-08-01.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="August 1st, 2002 Anouncement"></a> August 1st, 2002 Anouncement
+[[meta title="2002-08-01 - Announcement: 8/3 launch canceled due to fire danger"]]
diff --git a/news/2002-09-22.mdwn b/news/2002-09-22.mdwn
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--- a/news/2002-09-22.mdwn
+++ b/news/2002-09-22.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="Successful launch of LV2 in the"></a><a name="Successful launch of LV2 in the "></a> Successful launch of LV2 in the Black Rock Desert
+[[meta title="2002-09-22 - Successful launch of LV2 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada"]]
After more than two years of work, "Launch Vehicle No. 2", or LV2, had a near perfect first flight.
diff --git a/news/2002-10-01.mdwn b/news/2002-10-01.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="Meeting Notes for October 1, 200"></a> Meeting Notes for October 1, 2002
+[[meta title="2002-10-01 - Linux 2.6 lecture at OGI; General Meeting at McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Road House"]]
We met at the [Oregon Graduate Institute]( and attended a lecture on the upcoming Linux 2.6 kernel. You should eventually be able to find the slides of the lecture - which was quite good - at the [Portland Linux Users Group web site](
diff --git a/news/2002-11-05.mdwn b/news/2002-11-05.mdwn
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-## <a name="General Meeting on Tuesday Novem"></a> General Meeting on Tuesday November 05, 2002
+[[meta title="2002-11-05 - General Meeting: Scheduling for 2003"]]
### <a name="Proposed Schedule"></a> Proposed Schedule
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="General Meeting on Tuesday Janua"></a> General Meeting on Tuesday January 7, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-01-07 - General Meeting"]]
Attendees: Andrew, Brian, Ray, Paul, Michael, Dave, Myles, Mick, Ted, Bart, James, Tim, Dennis, Maggie, Jamey, Larry
diff --git a/news/2003-01-28.mdwn b/news/2003-01-28.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="EAGLE PCB CAD Workshop"></a> EAGLE PCB CAD Workshop
+[[meta title="2003-01-28 - EAGLE PCB CAD Workshop"]]
Tim and Andrew put on a 2 hour workshop for the EAGLE PCB CAD tool. For more information - along with a free download - see <>. Why did we choose EAGLE? Well, in the PSAS we like to use freely available tools which work under both Linux and Windows. EAGLE fits the free, cross platform bill, with some limitations:
diff --git a/news/2003-04-01.mdwn b/news/2003-04-01.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting April 01, 2003"></a> General Meeting April 01, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-04-01 - General Meeting: rescheduled June 2003 launch"]]
### <a name="Team Updates"></a> Team Updates
diff --git a/news/2003-05-13.mdwn b/news/2003-05-13.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="General Meeting Notes, May 13th,"></a> General Meeting Notes, May 13th, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-05-13 - General Meeting: Ixnay summer, aim for 9/19 in Nevada; Need USENIX help"]]
### <a name="No go on summer launch; reschedu"></a> No go on summer launch; rescheduled for September in Nevada
diff --git a/news/2003-06-09-slashdot.mdwn b/news/2003-06-09-slashdot.mdwn
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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-# <a name="Slashdot News for June 2003"></a> Slashdot News for June 2003
+[[meta title="2003-06-09 - PSAS site Slashdotted due to Wired News article, but stayed up"]]
-The PSAS Website was slashdotted on Jun 9, 2003. [[AndrewGreenberg]] was interviewed and at 2am January 9, 2003, the [article](,1284,59144,00.html) appeared at [Wired News](
+The PSAS Website was slashdotted on Jun 9, 2003. [[AndrewGreenberg]] was interviewed and at 2am January 9, 2003, the [article](,1284,59144,00.html) appeared at [Wired News]( (Note that there are few technical inaccuracies in the article.)
-12 hours later, as the [[Software Team|SoftwareTeamHome]] was working on getting the news/2003-06-12 demo ready, Andrew noticed a link to the Wired News article had [appeared]( on [slashdot](
+12 hours later, as the [[Software Team|SoftwareTeamHome]] was working on getting the [[news/2003-06-12]] demo ready, Andrew noticed a link to the Wired News article had [appeared]( on [slashdot](
We quickly activated the [[PublishAddOn]] of our TWiki webserver, with help from a redirect from our apache installation. This allowed apache to simply serve up static data files rather than the usual operation, which is to start a perl cgi script for TWiki on each hit.
diff --git a/news/2003-06-12.mdwn b/news/2003-06-12.mdwn
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-# <a name="PSAS at USENIX 2003"></a> PSAS at USENIX 2003
+[[meta title="2003-06-12 - PSAS presentation and exhibit at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference in San Antonio, TX"]]
**Sunday June 8th: Brian leaves, no sleep for the software team**
diff --git a/news/2003-07-09.mdwn b/news/2003-07-09.mdwn
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-# <a name="PSAS at OSCon 2003"></a> PSAS at OSCon 2003
+[[meta title="2003-07-09 - PSAS exhibit at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland"]]
-O'Reilly and Associates 5th annual Open Source Convention was here in Portland July 7-11, 2003. For those who don't know, O'Reilly is the book publisher that publishes all of "animal" books - the books on software, including Linux, Unixes, open source software, etc, that have black and white etches of animals on them. You've probably seen them around.
+O'Reilly and Associates [5th annual Open Source Convention]( was here in Portland July 7-11, 2003. For those who don't know, O'Reilly is the book publisher that publishes all of "animal" books - the books on software, including Linux, Unixes, open source software, etc, that have black and white etches of animals on them. You've probably seen them around.
We asked the OSCon folks if they were interested in having us as an exhibit, and they were nice enough to arrange a free booth for us.
diff --git a/news/2003-07-15.mdwn b/news/2003-07-15.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Meeting Notes 07/15/2003"></a> Meeting Notes 07/15/2003
+[[meta title="2003-07-15 - General Meeting"]]
**Launch set:** Decision to aggressively pursue two launches of LV2 for 20 Sep 03 weekend.
diff --git a/news/2003-07-19.mdwn b/news/2003-07-19.mdwn
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# <a name="OMSI&#39;s Space Day: July 19th, 200"></a> OMSI's Space Day: July 19th, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-07-19 - OMSI's Space Day: Exhibit and workshop on OMSI's &quot;front deck&quot;"]]
-Larry, Ray, James, Ian, Glenn, Keith, Andrew and Brian all hung out on OMSI's "front deck" - right outside the main entrance - and talked up the full PSAS display, complete with launch tower, rockets, and avionics demo.
+Larry, Ray, James, Ian, Glenn, Keith, Andrew and Brian all hung out on [OMSI]('s "front deck" - right outside the main entrance - and talked up the full PSAS display, complete with launch tower, rockets, and avionics demo.
We set up around 9:00am, and talked with folks the whole day through. Glenn and Keith both came down, and we tried tuning the rocket body to 2m. It turned out to be a very good 156MHz antenna - about 8 MHz too high to be in the amateur radio band - but even at 148MHz the VSWR was still 1.7 so it looks like Glenn and Andrew have to admit to Tim that he was... uh... errr... not wrong. The attachment points were both in the recovery module (one at the top of the cutout, and one most of the way down the cutout) so that's a big win in terms of keeping the modules independent.
diff --git a/news/2003-08-12.mdwn b/news/2003-08-12.mdwn
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--- a/news/2003-08-12.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting Notes August 12t"></a> General Meeting Notes August 12th, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-08-12 - General Meeting: Black Rock details, success criterion"]]
### <a name="A few quick updates:"></a> A few quick updates:
diff --git a/news/2003-09-21.mdwn b/news/2003-09-21.mdwn
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-# <a name="Black Rock Desert Launch, Septem"></a> Black Rock Desert Launch, September 2003
+[[meta title="2003-09-21 - Launch of LV2.2 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada"]]
**Summary**: The PSAS team drove out to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to attempt two launches of Launch Vehicle No. 2 (LV2): LV2.1 which was flown in [[September of 2002|news/2002-09-22]] and LV2.2 which was a new airframe. After all day work and integration sessions in the middle of the desert on Friday and Saturday, LV2.2 was launched on an "O" motor Sunday morning as an airframe only (i.e., without the LV2 avionics package). Unfortunately, LV2.2 was destroyed about 8 seconds into flight near 5,000ft and between Mach 1 and 2. We think the fin canister tore off because of the modifications we did in order to make it fit on the the "O" motor case. The nosecone, commercial flight computer, and 2m uplink board were recovered, but the rest of the rocket was destroyed. The failure of LV2.2 forced us to scrub the launch of LV2.1 with the avionics package because of the loss of the parachutes and unknown condition of the commercial flight computer and 2m uplink board.
diff --git a/news/2003-12-02.mdwn b/news/2003-12-02.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Team Meeting: December 2"></a> General Team Meeting: December 2nd, 2003
+[[meta title="2003-12-02 - General Meeting: updates, integration issues, scheduling"]]
## <a name="Meeting agenda:"></a> Meeting agenda:
diff --git a/news/2004-06-06.mdwn b/news/2004-06-06.mdwn
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-# <a name="PSAS Booth at PDXBOT.04"></a> PSAS Booth at PDXBOT.04
+[[meta title="2004-06-06 - PSAS booth at PDXBOT.04"]]
## <a name="Summary"></a> Summary
-Many many many many thanks to Tim and Ted who helped run the PSAS booth today at PDXBOT.04 - they really helped out and we would've had to take down the booth early if it hadn't been for them.
+Many many many many thanks to Tim and Ted who helped run the PSAS booth today at [PDXBOT.04]( - they really helped out and we would've had to take down the booth early if it hadn't been for them.
It turned out to be a pretty successful event for us - we hooked up with a bunch of very interesting - and interested - people.
diff --git a/news/2004-06-21.mdwn b/news/2004-06-21.mdwn
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--- a/news/2004-06-21.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Road Trip to Mojave, California"></a><a name="Road Trip to Mojave, California "></a> Road Trip to Mojave, California 06/21/04
+[[meta title="2004-06-21 - Road Trip to Mojave, California for launch of Space Ship One"]]
### <a name="Launch of the first private mann"></a> Launch of the first private manned vehicle beyond the Earth’s atmosphere
diff --git a/news/2004-07-17.mdwn b/news/2004-07-17.mdwn
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--- a/news/2004-07-17.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="PSAS Display at OMSI&#39;s &quot;Space Da"></a> PSAS Display at OMSI's "Space Day" - July 17th, 2004
+[[meta title="2004-07-17 - PSAS display and workshop at OMSI's &quot;Space Day&quot;"]]
In attendance: Josh, Jamey, Tim, Jay, Mike, Brian, Justin, Ted, Eric, Evan, Maggie, Ian, Jim
diff --git a/news/2004-08-28.mdwn b/news/2004-08-28.mdwn
index ff5c977..c85a230 100644
--- a/news/2004-08-28.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting/Workshop - Augus"></a> General Meeting/Workshop - August 28th, 2004
+[[meta title="2004-08-28 - General Meeting and integration workshop at Brian's house"]]
We met from 11:00am until 8:00pm at Brian's house to have our final big team meeting pre-launch. It was a mixed success; it was amazing that we were able to pull everything together two weeks before launch, but it also showed how much work we have left to do in the next two weeks! Much thanks to Brian and Amy who hosted us at the house, and fed us grilled hot dogs and pop.
diff --git a/news/2004-09-11.mdwn b/news/2004-09-11.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Black Rock Desert Workshop and D"></a> Black Rock Desert Workshop and Dust Bath, September 2004
+[[meta title="2004-09-11 - Black Rock Desert work party and dust bath"]]
Photo gallery: <>
diff --git a/news/2004-11-03.mdwn b/news/2004-11-03.mdwn
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--- a/news/2004-11-03.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting November 3rd, 20"></a> General Meeting November 3rd, 2004
+[[meta title="2004-11-03 - General Meeting: updates, integration issues, launch schedule"]]
Agenda points:
diff --git a/news/2004-11-29.mdwn b/news/2004-11-29.mdwn
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--- a/news/2004-11-29.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="PSAS Advisor wins NASA SBIR Gran"></a> PSAS Advisor wins NASA SBIR Grant on Vehicle Health Management
+[[meta title="2004-11-29 - PSAS Advisor wins NASA SBIR Grant on Vehicle Health Management"]]
[Prof. Bart Massey](, our PSAS CS advisor, and [Tim Menzies](, a PSU Resarch Associate Professor, have won a [NASA Small Business Initiative Research (SBIR) grant]( to develop an Adaptive Intelligent Vehicle Health Management (AIVHM) System. Basically, they propose to develop software to monitor the vehicle's health and attempt to intelligently correct for problems when they occur.
diff --git a/news/2004-12-12.mdwn b/news/2004-12-12.mdwn
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--- a/news/2004-12-12.mdwn
+++ b/news/2004-12-12.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Second System Integration and Te"></a> Second System Integration and Test Day, December 12th, 2004
+[[meta title="2004-12-12 - System Integration and Test Day"]]
**Goal:** Do a final systems integration and test of the complete LV2 system
diff --git a/news/2005-01-05.mdwn b/news/2005-01-05.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-01-05.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="PSAS Advisor wins IBM &quot;Linux on"></a><a name="PSAS Advisor wins IBM &quot;Linux on "></a> PSAS Advisor wins IBM "Linux on POWER" Innovation Grant
+[[meta title="2005-01-05 - PSAS Advisor wins IBM Scholars Program &quot;Linux on POWER&quot; Innovation Grant"]]
Congratulations to [Prof. Bart Massey](, our PSAS CS advisor, whose proposal to re-outfit PSAS with a new flight computer won a $21,000 research grant from IBM. He was [one of eleven researchers]( who won grant monies from IBM as part of their "Linux on POWER" innovation grant program. The grants are are part of the IBM Scholars Program, and this particular one is to encourage researchers to try novel things with Linux on IBM's POWER architecure (e.g., the PowerPC architecture) microprocessors.
diff --git a/news/2005-02-05.mdwn b/news/2005-02-05.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-02-05.mdwn
+++ b/news/2005-02-05.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Attempted Launch of LV2 in Milli"></a> Attempted Launch of LV2 in Millican, Oregon on February 5th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-02-05 - Attempted Launch of LV2 in Millican, Oregon"]]
We were so close.
diff --git a/news/2005-02-09.mdwn b/news/2005-02-09.mdwn
index a2178e0..3e55d3b 100644
--- a/news/2005-02-09.mdwn
+++ b/news/2005-02-09.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting Wed. February 9t"></a> General Meeting Wed. February 9th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-02-09 - General Meeting: Launch (almost!) debrief, spaceshipone movie"]]
Although we didn't actually get to launch because of a last minute technical difficulty, this was by far the quickest and most efficient we've ever been. Congrats all around.
diff --git a/news/2005-02-25.mdwn b/news/2005-02-25.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-02-25.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="February 25, 200: System Test Da"></a> February 25, 200: System Test Day at Reed College
+[[meta title="2005-02-25 - System Test Day at Reed College"]]
## <a name="Introduction"></a> Introduction
diff --git a/news/2005-07-03.mdwn b/news/2005-07-03.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-07-03.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="LV2 System Test Day: July 3rd, 2"></a> LV2 System Test Day: July 3rd, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-07-03 - System Test at Gabriel Park"]]
**Goal:** Do a final "pre-launch" test of the complete LV2 system
diff --git a/news/2005-07-06.mdwn b/news/2005-07-06.mdwn
index 261fa79..4bab010 100644
--- a/news/2005-07-06.mdwn
+++ b/news/2005-07-06.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting Wed. February 9t"></a> General Meeting Wed. February 9th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-07-06 - General Meeting: Planned integration test at Gabriel Park (7/9)."]]
Andrew was absent due to an emergency. The meeting proceeded in a less-than-usually directed fashion coordinated by Brian, and unexpectedly, Tim.
diff --git a/news/2005-07-09.mdwn b/news/2005-07-09.mdwn
index 7ae6d58..0ea567f 100644
--- a/news/2005-07-09.mdwn
+++ b/news/2005-07-09.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="Yet Another LV2 System Test Day:"></a> Yet Another LV2 System Test Day: July 9th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-07-09 - System Test at Gabriel Park"]]
**Goal:** Successful "pre-launch" test of the complete LV2 system
diff --git a/news/2005-08-03.mdwn b/news/2005-08-03.mdwn
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@@ -1,6 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="General Meeting: August 3, 2005"></a> General Meeting: August 3, 2005
-## <a name="Team Updates"></a> Team Updates
+[[meta title="2005-08-03 - General Meeting: launch logistics for 8/20 launch"]]
Brian - hybrid update. Gaseous oxygen and paraffin wax motor is going to be test fired in a few months, should be able to verify Stanford's results on regression rate at that point. After that, moving on to liquid oxygen motor. Flight motor within two years, if life is good.
diff --git a/news/2005-08-06.mdwn b/news/2005-08-06.mdwn
index 8c4f19e..45ae565 100644
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+++ b/news/2005-08-06.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="System Test at PIR August 6th, 2"></a> System Test at PIR August 6th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-08-06 - System Test at Portland International Raceway"]]
## <a name="Summary of test"></a> Summary of test
diff --git a/news/2005-08-13.mdwn b/news/2005-08-13.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-08-13.mdwn
+++ b/news/2005-08-13.mdwn
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# <a name="System Test at Gabriel Park: Aug"></a> System Test at Gabriel Park: August 13th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-08-13 - System Test at Gabriel Park"]]
## <a name="Test Summary"></a> Test Summary
diff --git a/news/2005-08-20.mdwn b/news/2005-08-20.mdwn
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--- a/news/2005-08-20.mdwn
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## <a name="A spectacular flight of LV2, but"></a> A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending.
+[[meta title="2005-08-20 - A spectacular flight of LV2, but with an unhappy ending"]]
<center><a href=";set_albumName=fred_azinger_08-20-2005&amp;id=fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped"> <img alt="245x640-fred_lv2_launch_DSC_5343_cropped.jpg" src=""> </a></center>
diff --git a/news/2005-09-01.mdwn b/news/2005-09-01.mdwn
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-# <a name="General Meeting - September 1st"></a> General Meeting - September 1st, 2005 - Post mortem analysis of LV2
+[[meta title="2005-09-01 - General Meeting: Post-mortem analysis of LV2's wreckage"]]
A bunch of us gathered to do a post mortem on LV2 this evening. We spread tarps and white sheets down on the FAB 155 table and began trying to do a "crash analysis" on the remains. It was pretty brutal: there wasn't a single "ok" piece of the rocket. Surface mount components we stripped off boards, circuit boards chipped into tiny pieces and conformally smushed into crevaces in the Aluminum... and there was almost zero evidence of the compact flash card we hoped to find. We think we found the carier board, but the CF card itself seems to have disintigrated.
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-# <a name="General Team Meeting October 6th"></a> General Team Meeting October 6th, 2005
+[[meta title="2005-10-06 - General Meeting: what do we do next?"]]
## <a name="Overview"></a> Overview
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+[[meta title="2005-11-10 - Status report for IBM"]]
IBM gave us a [[$21,000 grant|news/2005-01-05]] to develop software utilizing Linux on their Power architecture systems.
We have interpreted this to write a new core avionics package running upon a PowerPC 603e [[FlightComputer]].
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+[[meta title="2006-07-26 - O'Reilly Open Source Convention exhibit"]]
PSU will be sharing an Exhibit Hall booth at [OSCON 2006]( with the [Open Source Lab]( at Oregon State University, sponsored through the generosity of IBM. OSCON 2006 is 24-28 July 2006 at the Oregon Convention Center. Volunteers (preferably 2 in the booth at any given time) are needed to set up and staff the booth. Please sign up here.
Please fill in the timespans you're willing to work in the table below. There's no need to sign up for a whole session. I'll try to fill in on any slots that end up short, but this will be nontrivial, as I'm also teaching and writing an article while I'm there. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. (I'll also need help with the setup Tuesday evening; one person should be adequate for that, but we'll need the materials.) --Bart
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-# PSAS Booth at The Digital Avionics System Conference (DASC) 2006
+[[meta title="2006-10-17 - PSAS Booth at The Digital Avionics System Conference (DASC) 2006"]]
DASC 2006 (<>) is at the [downtown Portland Hilton hotel]( (921 SW Sixth Avenue) this week. In a huge win for PSAS, the AESS has given us a free booth to hang with the "aerospace big kids" and show off our project. And during the inevitable slow times, it'll also be a great time for us to actually get some PSAS work done!
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-[[meta title="&quot;To orbit on a budget&quot; at the Museum of Flight,
+[[meta title="2006-12-16 - &quot;To orbit on a budget&quot; at the Museum of Flight,
Seattle, WA"]]
Our presentation at the Museum of Flight to the PNW section of the
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-# Intro. and General Meetings on Wed. 01/31/2007 and Fri 02/02/2007
+[[meta title="2007-01-31 - Intro. and General Meeting"]]
## Introduction to PSAS
@@ -42,4 +42,4 @@ The rough outline of our plan is something like this:
- Winter/Spring 2007/2008
1. Finish up Avionics system.
-[[tag general]]
+[[tag general event]]
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-Re-baselining LV2b ==================
+[[meta title="2007-04-25 - Re-baselining LV2b"]]
Airframe To do
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-# PSAS End-Of-Year/Dad's Day Picnic/Rocket Launch!
+[[meta title="2007-06-17 - PSAS End-Of-Year/Dad's Day Picnic/Rocket Launch!"]]
## When