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Things still to do:
-1. spam filtering for admin list and info@
-2. webdav for photos, and for wiki authentication eventually
-3. use markdown for markup?
+1. remaining wiki conversion [[issues]]
+2. spam filtering for admin list and info@
+3. webdav for photos, and for wiki authentication eventually
### <a name="Virtual Hosting Setup"></a> Virtual Hosting Setup
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+Some pages did not explicitly link to their attachments, relying on
+MoinMoin's ability to provide a list of all attachments. Those
+attachments are effectively inaccessible in the new wiki until people
+add links to them.
+LaTeX content isn't handled correctly. Er, at all, really. I guess this
+affects [[KalmanIntro]], [[Example1D]], [[StateSpace]], and
+The converted markdown does not render as desired in ikiwiki versions
+2.2 and later. After consulting with Josh, I've downgraded svcs to
+ikiwiki 2.1 and [filed a
+Pages with the idiom of a table containing "Up" and "Xref" links lost
+the link text in those links--the target page name is the link text
+instead. See [[LaunchControl]], for example.
+Pages inlined into the CapstoneLV2bProjectReport have incorrect links to
+certain attachments, even though these links are correct if you view the
+inlined page by itself. For example, the Board Layout section should
+have some images, which are visible in
+[[CapstoneLV2bProjectReport/DetailedDesign/BoardLayout]] but are not
+visible in [[CapstoneLV2bProjectReport]].
+A probably related but opposite problem is visible at
+[[FlightComputer]]. Some links to images got converted into inlined
+copies of the images, which really screws with the look of the page.
+Blockquoted text got paragraph-breaks inserted around inline markup like
+bold and links, because TWiki generated illegal HTML that Perl's
+HTML::TreeBuilder tried to make valid, but mangled. For example:
+[[RealTimeLinux]], [[GroundSupport]]
+The [[WiFi]] page contained only a MoinMoin redirect to ArrlHsdn, but
+the conversion didn't translate the redirect (which is currently not
+supported by ikiwiki anyway AFAIK). So after conversion there's an empty
+WiFi page.
+[[HaskellProgramming]]: Markdown doesn't recognize the "news:" link
+protocol. There's only one such link, though we might have used other
+unusual protocols too.
+[[CantalopeSerialProtocol]]: Some text containing TWiki markup
+characters such as '_' in the table at the bottom of this page is
+interpreted as plain in the current MoinMoin installation, and
+presumably this agrees with TWiki's behavior when the page was written
+while we were still running TWiki. However, the modern version of TWiki
+used in the conversion treated it differently.
+[[MeetingNotes14Apr02]]: This page is missing its image attachments
+because TWiki didn't correctly commit them to RCS ,v files, so there was
+no basis for generating MoinMoin or git history for them. MoinMoin
+displays them correctly because I never worried about history for
+attachments I migrated to MoinMoin. These attachments from the TWiki
+days have the same problem; we'll just manually add them in a new
+- AandTBatteriesLv2/DS_BT31930297.pdf
+- AntennaDesignLV2/lv2_patch_antenna_prototype_1.pdf
+- AntennaDesignLV2/DielectricGraph-20040116.png
+- BlackRockSept2004/BR2004-1.csv
+- BlackRockSept2004/BR2004-2.csv
+- BrothersOregonData08202005/Rocketview_20050820.log
+- CanBusUtilization/can_standard_frame.png
+- CommWorkshop13Dec2003/
+- CommWorkshop20Oct2003/
+- CommWorkshop23May2003/lv2_patch_antenna_prototype_1.pdf
+- DetailListBlackRock2002/Matt.gif
+- FlightComputer/mops520.pdf
+- GeneralMeeting09012005/LV2Postmortem.wmv
+- MagnetometerLv2/unity_magnetometer.pdf
+- MeetingNotes09Oct04/PGGforLOXhybrid.pdf
+- MeetingNotes14Apr02/psas-hmmm.jpg
+- MeetingNotes14Apr02/psas-picn.jpg
+- MeetingNotes14Apr02/psas-tadah.jpg
+- MeteringOrificeBarrelTest/MeteringTest011805.PDF
+- MeteringOrificeBarrelTest/MeteringTest011805.xls
+- PicCore/
+- RecoveryNodeLV2/LV2-SPS-0.6.fig
+[[Lv2LaunchTowerElectronics]]: A link to an attached image contained an
+image reference to a thumbnail of the same image. After conversion, the
+link is gone and the full-size image is inlined instead.
+And finally, the page design is really boring. Somebody fix it please.