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2010-04-25Added images of soldered EMs on line cuttersparadox2-0/+0
2009-05-20Added half-circles to sheild plate for pyro wiresDave1-60/+180
2009-05-15Misc updates to cad drawings based on as-built modificaitonsDave3-1484/+2516
2009-04-20Updated chute/line cutter seperation plate diameterDave2-103/+103
2009-04-01Added zip-tie holes to seperation plateDave1-7/+55
2009-03-31Added files for airframe testingDave2-0/+2122
2008-12-02Updates to line cutter drawings and re-export of pdf/pngDave3-737/+765
2008-11-30Minor updates to line cutter designDave2-588/+594
2008-11-27Added thumbnailed versions of images and modified markdown links accordinglyDave57-56/+59
2008-11-27Updated wiki page with more fabrication and materials details, added pdf and ...Dave3-12/+65
2008-11-26Checking of images and draft of LV2c line cutter docsDave43-49/+183
2008-11-26Modified line cutter to use 1/8 inch sheer pin, move vent holes, simplified s...Dave1-2834/+2222
2008-11-25Updates to line cutter designDave2-1905/+1931
2008-11-23Modified LV2c line cutter to ease assembly process and compensate greater mar...Dave1-2015/+2381
2008-11-21Moved new line cutter design to LV2c specific subdirDave1-0/+0