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2008-07-10Migrate to ikiwiki 2.40's prefix_directives option.Jamey Sharp392-974/+974
Commit by Josh Triplett and Jamey Sharp.
2007-08-07Make files ref'd by only one page be attachments to that page.Jamey Sharp376-315/+315
Some files I moved manually, but most were caught by running: ../uniq-attachments psas uniq-attachments: #!/bin/bash set -e test $# -gt 0 || set -- * find * -name '*.mdwn' -o -name '*.html' -o -name '*.htm' | xargs grep -Fwof <(find $@ ! -name '*.mdwn' ! -name '*.html' ! -name '*.htm' -type f) | sed 's/:/ /' | awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"}{if(NF < 2) {$2=$1; $1=last} else {last=$1} print}' | sort -u | sort -k2 | uniq -uf1 | grep -v '^psas/' | # don't screw with pages in the old psas/ hierarchy grep -v '^\(.*\)\.[^.]* \1/[^/]*$' | awk '{if($1 != last) {if(last != "") print last srcs; last=$1; srcs=""} srcs=srcs " " $2}END{if(last != "") print last srcs}' | while read target sources do dir=`echo $target | sed 's!\.[^.]*$!!'` mkdir -p $dir git-mv $sources $dir perl -pi -e 'BEGIN { my $f = shift; $::p = "\\b(?:" . join("|", map {"\Q$_\E"} @ARGV) . ")\\b"; for(@ARGV) { (my $t = $_) =~ s!.*/!'$dir'/!; $::m{$_} = $t; } @ARGV = ($f); } s/$::p/$::m{$&}/ego' $target $sources done
2007-08-06History: auto-generate list of events, general meetings, and announcements.Jamey Sharp111-412/+109
Set [[meta title]] attributes on almost all pages that were referenced from the hand-maintained History page, in an effort to make the auto-generated version have roughly the same content. Notably, some items now appear on the history that weren't there before, and a few have disappeared as they were team-specific or not obviously legitimate "news" or "schedule" items.
2007-08-06Move historical events and meetings to a news/YYYY-MM-DD hierarchy.Jamey Sharp1786-28061/+28661
Josh and I hand-constructed a map from old names to dates that looked like this: 2001-12-11.mdwn MeetingNotes11Dec01.mdwn general 2001-12-16.mdwn WorkshopNotes16Dec01.mdwn avionics software logistics 2002-09-22.mdwn BlackRockSept2002.mdwn event 2002-09-22/data.mdwn BlackRockSept2002Data.mdwn 2002-09-22/logistics.mdwn BlackRockLaunch20Sep2002.mdwn 2002-09-22/logistics/detail.mdwn DetailListBlackRock2002.mdwn 2002-09-22/logistics/people.mdwn LogisticsFor.mdwn Then I moved everything and added the tags this way: while read new old tags do ../iki-mv $old news/$new test -n "$tags" && (echo; echo "[[tag $tags]]") >> news/$new done < ../meetings iki-mv: #!/bin/sh set -e old=$1 new=$2 oldext=`echo $old | sed 's/.*\././'` newext=`echo $new | sed 's/.*\././'` oldbase=`echo $old | sed 's/\(.*\)\..*/\1/'` newbase=`echo $new | sed 's/\(.*\)\..*/\1/'` mkdir -p `dirname $new` git-mv $old $new test -e $oldbase && git-mv $oldbase $newbase find -iname '*.mdwn' -o -iname '*.html' -o -iname '*.htm' | xargs perl -pi -e 's!\b\Q'$oldbase'\E\b!'$newbase'!go'