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## <a name="Meeting Notes for Sunday August"></a><a name="Meeting Notes for Sunday August "></a> Meeting Notes for Sunday August 25th 2002

Who: Nate, Andrew, Jamey, Paul

- Nate and Andrew discussed the ATV hardware for what seemed like a million years. Eventually, we hit upon the idea of a "connector" board where all signals from the ATV CAN node, camera and overlay board are routed. All "extraneous" hardware, like overlay reset IC and the power switches will live on this board. We also talked about how to mount everything - it looks like we can mount the CAN node and overlay board up by the camera in the top of the avionics module. We'll need to look at it again once the AMPS (Avionics Mounting Panels) are built.
- Andrew programmed up the Jupiter GPS receiver using the LABMON software provided by [[SiRF]] (the company who now own the IP to the Jupiter board). Now we have two working Jupiter boards, but with the annoying problem that the firmware versions are very, very far apart (v1.18 vs v2.30) which means that the messages are a bit different.
- Jamey got some code reviewing done.
- Paul sat around playing with his PowerBook and counting his fingers.
- We ate pizza.