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1\. Q: With the addition of a 4th accelerometer measurement Q, is there also an additional 4th gyro measurement?<br /> A: The new imu design includes 4 accelerometers and 4 gyros. The old (shredded) imu had 4 accelerometers but only 3 gyros.

1. Q: Do we have any vector components that are angular quantities measured in radians? There were discontinuity problems at +- Pi radians boundary.<br /> A: Yes, attitude descriptors are susceptible to this kind of singularity. Generally it's preferable to work with a singularity free form such as quaternions, and convert if this is required.
2. Q: In the kinematic model used by Rudolph van der Merwe for MIT Draper X-Cell 90 they use a "vehicle agnotic" model in that there is no modeling of forces on moments that "act" on the vehicle. Do we really want this for our rocket model though? If not, what are the forces of moments that "act" on the rocket and how might add this to our model?<br /> A: ???
3. Q: How do we read the data from within the ReBEL system to run through the filter?<br /> A: ???